Client references

1. John’s Experience

“During experiencing one of the most difficult times in my life, I turned to Simon Chesney for that extra help I needed to cope with the trauma of my breakup with the one I loved. Within a short time in therapy with Simon, I was shown coping strategies that even today I use to help cope with everyday stress life can throw at you”.

“I felt that Simon cared and understood what I was saying. He helped me make sense of why I felt the way I did, how to make sense of my circumstances and feelings and helped put in place simple but effective coping techniques which I continue to use today. Over the past 7 years I have seen a number of councillors/therapists and I can say that Simon’s approach to therapy is both original and the most effective. I’m now happy, independent, with a great relationship with my children and life is really good. Simon helped put my life back on track. Thank you Simon”    John, Cheshire. 

2. Jane’s Experience:

“Working with Simon has enabled me to understand and make sense of why I was feeling so anxious. He listened, reflected and helped me develop strategies best suited to my immediate needs and beyond. It has helped enormously to see events and issues through ‘new eyes’ and I have gained confidence to make changes in my behaviour, so I now feel much calmer and positive. Last but not least, I’m really enjoying getting on with things…….” 

Jane, Cheshire.

3. Frank’s Experience:

“Having been through various majorly traumatic life events, I had a penny dropping moment when my wife and son passed comment that I hadn’t been “myself” for a long time and I started to realise that I had been convincing myself that I was coping, whereas in reality I was often irritable, snappy and small things could upset my mood and leave me feeling quite down. My family had suggested I seek help, I think because they felt they had tried so hard but I wasn’t listening, but it hadn’t seemed relevant and just “wasn’t for me”. However once I made the first call to Simon Chesney, it became a relief to explain what had happened and where I had come to in life.  Simon took me through a process over a number of face to face sessions that really helped me to gain a new perspective and stand back from situations and interpret them more positively. I have a far deeper understanding of who I am and why I reacted and felt depressed by certain situations, and my family feels they now have me back again – I know my wife feels we are back to being fully in harmony with each other and I definitely have a smile back on my face far more often. Why is it that we go to the GP if we are ill, but hesitate to get help if we are suffering mentally? I would encourage anyone who is struggling with life situations to make the first step and get an opinion from a qualified expert such as Simon – there’s nothing to lose and in my case, my life changed for the better for ever after just a few hours help from someone who had the knowledge to work through a basic process to develop a far better perspective and understanding”.

Frank, Cheshire.

4.       Eve’s Experience

 “I only came to see Simon for a few sessions but his care, support and experience have been of enormous benefit to me.  I went to see him when I was at a very low ebb.  I am now in a much more positive place thanks to his help. I found Simon easy to talk to, an excellent listener and he has great empathy.   I truly cannot recommend him highly enough.  God bless you Simon”. 

Eve, Cheshire.

5.    Linda’s Experience

“I first approached Simon as I was looking for an expert to help me to come to terms with the end of an emotionally abusive relationship. I was anxious, filled with self-doubt and finding eating and sleeping difficult.

He combines incredible professionalism, experience with genuine warmth which meant that in a relatively short space of time Simon was able to help me explore, come to terms with and move past the difficulties I was experiencing.

I cannot emphasise enough how much Simon has helped me and I would recommend him wholeheartedly”.

Linda, Cheshire.

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