Welcome to my webpages describing services  that I provide and how to arrange a private consultation.

My professional training and skill-set differs from that of counselors or psychotherapists in that I work as an consultant ‘applied psychologist’ experienced in designing tailor-made psychology interventions and ‘formulation-driven’ therapies drawing upon a broad range of evidence-based psychological models.

My specialist skill is in giving expert advice to service users with very chronic or complex difficulties on the most suitable psychological interventions for their particular personality and clinical condition.

I am happy to meet with clients for a one-off (no obligation) initial meeting at my standard fee.  Sometimes this will be adequate for my clients needs and they then seek out the interventions I recommend from other sources.  However, many contract to continue working alongside me in solving their problems in weekly sessions.

Before we agree to meet face-to-face I encourage potential clients to first carefully review my website to ensure they are satisfied my particular skills are required and fees acceptable.

Once you have made contact with me by email or phone I will offer to speak with you by telephone (free of charge) for around 15 mins, at a time of your convenience, to determine if we want to proceed and make an initial consultation booking.

I see patients for 50 minutes;  using an additional 5 minutes before and after the consultation for preparation, reviewing notes, and writing summaries, totalling one hour.

Applied Psychology Consultations